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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been putting together a list of frequently asked questions from our families about summer 2021. Please keep them coming!

Where can I get updated information about Switzerland and Covid-19?

Switzerland frequently updates restrictions about travel, quarantine, and other important information for non-Swiss and non-EU citizens.

Swiss government: Coronavirus, Entering Switzerland, High-Risk Countries, Entry Restrictions for High-Risk Countries, FAQ

Ticino government: Coronavirus

Will my student have to quarantine before the program begins?

Currently, anyone arriving in Switzerland from a high-risk country must complete a 10-day quarantine. This may change by summer.

What will happen if my child displays symptoms of Covid-19?

If your child displays any Covid-19 symptoms, he or she will be tested for the virus and will be isolated until the test result is clear.


What will you do if a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19?

We will work with local medical authorities and follow their guidance for any potential or confirmed case of Covid-19. Any student who has tested positive for Covid-19 or has demonstrated symptoms and is awaiting test results will be placed in our isolation facility and receive 24-hour care from skilled healthcare workers provided by InterNursing and sCuDo—under the supervision of Dr. Vincenzo Liguori. Students will remain in this facility until they are cleared to return by medical authorities. Staff members will isolate in their homes.

Contract tracing will be carried out by local authorities in the event of any positive test. The Canton medical office tracks and informs all close contacts and implements other necessary measures, determining how far contact tracing goes depending on the specifics of each case.

Is hybrid learning available for students in isolation?

Any student who is in isolation due to being a close contact of someone who tested positive will have the option to continue learning and participating through Zoom.

Will I be able to visit my child this summer?

To preserve community health and safety, we will limit visits from family as much as possible. If you need to see your child, please contact me as soon as possible.

Our family is isolating at the start of the program. Can my child come late?

Enrolled children whose arrival is delayed due to Covid-19 are welcome to come late.

What happens if my child contracts Covid at the end of the program?

The program will not conclude until every student leaves the campus safely. We will work with each family to ensure the child is safe, and will help arrange alternative transportation to the airport.

Video Meetings Available

With the current travel restrictions worldwide, we are offering the opportunity to meet with our admissions team via video chat. Please click the button below to register.

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