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CDE Employment Information and FAQ

Dear CDE teacher and counselor candidates,

For more than 40 years, Le Château des Enfants summer program has provided children between the ages of 4 to 10 with the most memorable summers of their lives. As the students learn and grow together they discover what it means to be a member of an international community. We take pride in the fact that at CDE, our students and staff become family. Both students and staff continue to return year after year. In fact, we have even had staff who were former CDE students! As we build upon this legacy we seek to hire only the most talented and energized teachers and counselors.

The summer at CDE is fast-paced and action-packed. The weekdays (Monday–Friday) consist of boarding student wake-up and day student arrival followed by a morning meeting together. Students continue on to morning classes, recreational activities, a family-style lunch, and rest hour. In the second half of the day, students have afternoon classes, fine arts activities, and music class. As the day students depart, boarding students move into their evening programming with a family-style dinner, special evening activity, and a bedtime story. Weekends are a highlight for our boarding students. Saturdays consist of engaging morning and afternoon clubs, while Sundays are reserved for memory-making off-campus trips. 

The work is both exciting and rewarding, but it is not for everyone. All teachers and counselors work seven days a week. Living quarters are most often shared, and many of our staff also serve as dorm parents. In short, it’s definitely not a vacation! There is, however, ample time during breaks and three weekend days off to enjoy the breathtaking Swiss countryside and delicious local Swiss-Italian cuisine.Please consider whether this is the kind of experience you are looking for before submitting an application to join our hardworking CDE family. 


Shane Harvey
CDE Director

Employment Qualifications


  • Must have certification/verified experience with the 4–10 year old age group in the area you are intending to teach.
  • Must have strong experience in one or more of these areas: science, robotics, lifeguarding, tennis, art, drama, or dance.
  • Must be willing to live and work in a dormitory.
  • A willingness to become lifeguard certified, the ability to drive stick-shift vehicles, and proficiency in another language will help your application, but are not required. Russian and Japanese speakers in particular are encouraged to apply.


  • Experience with children is required.
  • Must have strong experience in one or more of the areas: sports, orienteering, lifeguarding, tennis, art, drama, or dance.
  • One year of college or university preferred.
  • Must be willing to live and work in the dormitory.
  • A willingness to become lifeguard certified, the ability to drive stick-shift vehicles, and proficiency in another language will help your application, but are not required. Russian and Japanese speakers in particular are encouraged to apply.

For Summer 2021, we have one or more of the following position openings:

  • Counselor (Minnows: ages 4–6, CDE: ages 6–10)
  • ESL/EAL Teacher
  • French as an Additional Language Teacher
  • STEAM Coordinator/Teacher
  • STEAM Teacher
  • Nurse

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more about the program?

Check out our Summer 2021 Program Viewbook. In it you will find information about all of our summer programs. Head to the end for the CDE and Minnows sections.

What kind of compensation does TASIS offer?

  • Starting after-tax salaries of CHF 1300 for counselors and CHF 2000 for teachers
  • Reimbursement of CHF 1400–1500 to defray the cost of airfare for non-European residents (the exact amount depends on departure city)
  • Reimbursement of up to CHF 500 for European residents
  • Room and board included with employment (most accommodations are shared)
  • Laundry service included with employment and access to coin-operated machines

What is the deadline for applications?
There is no formal deadline. We begin to review applications toward the beginning of January. The earlier your application arrives, the more likely you are to be granted an interview. Hiring will continue until all positions are filled. Hiring typically begins in mid-January and is usually complete by the end of February.

What are the program dates?
See programs dates here. Staff arrival and departure dates will be posted soon.

I want to work at TASIS but have a conflict with the starting or ending dates. Should I still submit an application?
It is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate you if you cannot be present for the length of the entire program.

I am interested in working at TASIS, but it does not appear that there is an opening this year in my area of expertise. Should I still apply?
Yes. Staffing decisions are ongoing and new positions sometimes become available. If you already have your application submitted, you have an advantage in securing a newly-opened position.

Is it possible to work only one session?
Generally, it is expensive and sometimes disruptive to change personnel in the middle of the summer. On occasion, we may need to hire a few more staff for one session based on enrollment.

I am married and/or have children. Is it possible for my spouse and/or children to join me this summer?
Housing is limited in the summer, and very few apartments can accommodate families. It may be possible, but can be difficult to arrange.

It is also important to note that teachers and counselors are expected to work seven days a week, which makes it extremely challenging for parents to commit to their families while fulfilling program expectations.

I am a vegetarian. Will I be able to find vegetarian options at TASIS?
Our kitchen serves hundreds of people daily. There is a vegetarian option at every meal in addition to a standard salad bar.

Who is eligible to work in Switzerland?
We can easily get work permits for citizens of the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the European Union. Permits for citizens of other nations are also possible, as the Swiss authorities work on a case-by-case basis.

Where should I send my completed application?
Please submit your application online using the CDE Employment Application Link available on the Summer Employment page. Be sure to include your cover page, resume/CV, and send your references the link to the online reference form. Applications submitted via other means will not be considered.

Can my references write a letter instead of filling out the online reference form?
References must use the online form. They may upload a letter of recommendation using this form.

I have submitted my application. When can I expect to be contacted for an interview?
We will begin contacting candidates in late January. If you haven’t heard from us by mid-March, it is unlikely you will be granted an interview.

I had my interview weeks ago, and I still haven’t heard anything. Does this mean I probably won’t get a job offer?

No, as you may need to wait several weeks for a decision. Candidates are reviewed for their versatility (safety and lifeguard certifications, experience in a variety of program areas, ability to drive a manual transmission, etc.). If you haven’t heard anything and are worried, feel free to email

I would also like to apply to MSP and/or TSP. Can I use the same application for all three?
No, as each program requires a separate application. However, your references only need to fill out one reference form, though please let all program directors know which form your references are using.

What is the process for obtaining a work visa for Switzerland?
If you are hired, TASIS will apply for your work visa in Switzerland. Once approved, typically in the middle of May, you will need to submit an application and appear in-person at a Swiss embassy or consulate in your home country. This requires travel. For instance, residents of Wisconsin, USA must appear at the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York, New York one day to submit their biometric data and passport. They must return to the consulate the following business day to pick up their passport. Please consider whether this will be possible before deciding to apply to work at TASIS.

If you are a citizen of a European Union country, Japan, or New Zealand, you will not be required to obtain a visa before arriving in Switzerland.

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