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Summer Arts Festival Opens August 8
Posted 08/07/2018 09:07AM

The Dedicated Performing Arts Team of  
the TASIS Summer Programs 
cordially invites you to the

2018 Summer Arts Festival

Please join us as we celebrate our students' accomplishments in music, drama, musical theater, dance, photography, architecture, art, and sculpture. If you are unable to attend in person, please note that many of the events will be filmed and will be available on the TASIS YouTube channel within a day or so.

Performing Arts Events

Date Event and Location Time (GMT+1)
August 8
TSP Talent Show, Palestra 19:45
August 9
TSP Drama Premiere 1, Palmer Center 13:00
August 9 TSP Drama Premiere 2, Palmer Center 14:00
August 9
TSP Musical Premiere 1, Palmer Center 19:30
August 9
TSP Musical Premiere 2, Palmer Center 20:45
August 10
CDE Musical Premiere, Palmer Center 15:00
August 10 CDE Final Night, Palestra 16:00
August 10 MSP Musical Premiere, Palmer Center 18:00
August 10 TSP Musical Showcase, Monticello Terrace 18:30
August 10 MSP Final Night, Palestra 19:15

Visual Arts Exhibit

Palestra Salon
August 9, 18:00–21:00
August 10, 9:00–20:00

Enjoy a showcase of art and design created by TSP, MSP, and CDE students.

Special Notes

All families are welcome to join us for aperitifs and dinner.

CDE/MSP Families
De Nobili, 17:00–19:00

TSP Families
Monticello Terrace (Hamblin Terrace in the instance of rain), 17:30–19:00

Please note that all students must depart from campus by noon on August 11. If you plan to take your child home at the conclusion of the performances Wednesday evening, please let the director of your child's program know in advance.

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