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Summer Arts Festival Recap: Session Two
Posted 08/14/2017 05:00PM

Over the course of just three weeks, students who attended the second session of the 2017 TASIS Summer Programs in Switzerland delivered a number of excellent live performances and explored a wide variety of artistic disciplines, including musical theater, singing, songwriting, African drumming, ukulele, guitar, Orff Ensemble, dancing, and comedy writing on the performing arts side and landscape painting, studio art, digital photography, graphic design, and fashion and textile design for the visual arts. The culminating Summer Arts Festival on August 9–11 provided a platform to share the tremendous work students created under the tutelage of their talented visual arts teachers and the incomparable Dedicated Performing Arts Team (DPAT).

Matthew Frazier-Smith, Summer Programs Director for the Performing Arts, noted that many of the students performing on stage during the festival were doing so for the very first time, and he applauded the courage exhibited by these young artists. “From Minnows to TSP, our students are truly inspiring—not only as pupils and young learners, but as enthusiastic and inventive collaborators in the artistic process,” he said. “The Summer Arts Festival is a testament to the remarkable creative energy put forth by these exceptional students, and we could not be more proud of their accomplishments.”

Below is a recap of the session two Summer Arts Festival complete with photos and video footage from the performances.

TASIS Summer Program (TSP) Performances

TSP Musical: Windcatcher

TSP students performed the original musical Windcatcher in the Palmer Center twice on the evening of August 9. Michael Rosenbaum directed Windcatcher, Kyle Adkins and Rosenbaum wrote the libretto, and TJ Liquori, Adkins, and Rosenbaum wrote the music, lyrics, and story.

Music Director/Accompanist: TJ Liquori
Choreographer: Jordine Cornish
Acting Coach: Kyle Adkins
Sets: Marco Gabaglio
Costumes: Jordine Cornish
Lighting Design: Ben Gordon
Orchestra Musicians: Daniel Lohmann, Jami Reimer, and Gabriele Sforz
Poster Design: Jennifer Stanford

Synopsis: The State is divided. The Crats make the rules from their high hill and the Workers struggle to breathe through the toxic fumes down below. To keep the State safe, the Workers have been digging a giant ditch around their territory but are on the brink of another rebellion. In this world without birds, two girls from different backgrounds discover a machine—and a connection—that could change everything...

Director’s Note: Bringing the Musical Theatre Course back has been a joyous occasion indeed! Along with the Musical Activity, these students have surpassed our expectations of what can be accomplished in the world of theater in such a short amount of time. The ability to craft a transformative course such as this around an original musical is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both the students and our staff. Countless hours went into dreaming this production to life. The staff and I encouraged the students to collaborate with us in the creation of this musical, from set design to costumes, from choreography to staging. They have truly made it their own. This show is about many different things, not least of which is hope, truth, and the pursuit of our outlandish dreams. I hope you leave feeling as inspired as I do by the work these students have put into the world premiere of Windcatcher. I hope you fly…

The first performance of Windcatcher on August 9 was live-streamed and can be viewed in its entirety in the clip below. A gallery of photos can be found here.

TSP Drama Performances

Students from TSP language classes performed four original dramatic productions in the Palmer Center on the afternoon of August 10.

English Drama 2–4 presented A Friend of the People, which was directed by Stephanie Figer and Gabriele Sforza and written by Figer, Sforza, and the students of TSP English Drama 2–4.

Synopsis: A king is on the verge of passing away, and a young prince must take his place as ruler of the land. He quickly learns that to be a righteous king is not so simple, and the correct decision is not always clear to see. With people trying to take his place on the throne, he must learn who to trust around him, how to trust himself, and how he can be a true friend of the people.

Director’s Note: The students of TSP English Drama 2–4 demonstrated their capacity for creativity from day one in writing their play. After juggling various ideas, the students settled on one central story through teamwork and thoughtful consideration. They always brought enthusiasm to each class, and we hope you enjoy seeing it in their performance!

French Drama presented Carnie-Fest, which was directed by Kyle Adkins and Jami Reimer and written by Adkins, Reimer, and the students of TSP French Drama.

Synopsis: For Kit Kat the Clown, Carnie-Fest is the biggest show of the year, and the ultimate prize is performing on the Main Stage. Unfortunately, famous rap star Thr33 Chainz is headlining once again and tensions are running high. But when the mysterious Old Man Kreuger arrives with news of a lion on the loose, they must all band together to get their audience back. The show must go on, but what will happen when the curtain falls?

Director’s Note: The TSP French Drama students brought a wonderful energy to every class. Though they all came in with different levels of proficiency in the language, their teamwork and playful attitudes created an atmosphere of improvement for all. Carnie-Fest is the culmination of their work in drama and the French language.

English Drama 5–7 presented Doctor's Orders, which was directed by Daniel Lohmann and written by Lohmann and students Adel Latypova and Lea Schrago.

Synopsis: Dr. Vrach is on the verge of turning in her labcoat and giving up the practice, until she is visited by three strange patients who change her perspective on life.

Director’s Note: When presented with the daunting task of creating a performance with only two cast members, our class rose to the occasion and came up with many great ideas. These two talented students have shown noteworthy dedication to the process of creation and a passion for drama in developing, writing, and performing this play. Enjoy!

English 8/IB Skills Drama presented Alkazoom!, which was directed by Kyle Adkins and Gabriele Sforza and written by Stephanie Figer, Adkins, and the students of English 8/IB Skills Drama.

Synopsis: She has tickets to the hottest show in town, but he is running late. His excuse is straight out of a storybook. Believe it or not, his tale contains a hidden truth.

Director’s Note: From the first day the English 8/IB Skills class met, the room was bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and ideas. This playful, creative, uplifting piece is the perfect reflection of what it felt like to work with these bright young minds each day. We hope you enjoy it!

All four performances were live-streamed and can be viewed in the clip below. Photos can be found here.

TSP Talent Show

TSP students sang songs and performed choreographed dance routines in the Palestra on the evening of August 10. Highlights from the show can be viewed in the following clip, and a gallery of photos can be viewed here.

Middle School Program (MSP) Performances

MSP Musical: Same Sky

MSP students performed the original musical Same Sky in the Palmer Center on the afternoon of August 11. Same Sky was written and directed by Stephanie Figer. The music was written by Figer, TJ Liquori, and Michael Rosenbaum, and the lyrics were written by Figer.

Music Director: Patrick Gardner
Accompanist: Chris Rayis
Choreographer: Sandra Preciado
Sets: Marco Gabaglio
Costumes: Julie Edwards Frazier-Smith
Lighting Design: Ben Gordon
Orchestra Musicians: Daniel Lohmann, Andrea Brannman, and Alec Warn

Synopsis: We open with a familiar scene: a young lady behind the wheel of her vehicle with Mom and Dad anxiously watching and correcting her driving. This young lady, however, happens to be what we would call an alien. The youngest Junior Pilot in the history of her people, the girl dips and dives through outer space, enjoying her first taste of freedom. She is overcome with the breathtaking beauty of a planet called “Earth,” and she asks her parents for permission to visit. They tell her it is too dangerous—human beings are mistrustful by nature, and they fear what they don’t know. A mechanical malfunction finds her plummeting to the planet’s surface anyway, where she is discovered by a girl her age. Though they don’t speak the same language, they instantly connect and strike up a friendship. Not everyone in the town is as kind. Fear spreads as people wonder why the being is here, what it wants, and how they can exploit her presence for their own personal gain. Same Sky examines why we fear those who are different from us, the wisdom of children in their ability to bridge cultural divides, and what it means to be fully human.

Director’s Note: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Exactly what is it that makes us human? These are some of the questions that come to us as we stare at the night sky. In the past few weeks, the MSP Musical Theatre Course students have raised many more: Why do we fear those who are different from us? Why are we so afraid of being labeled as “different” ourselves? Must our differences always be dividing lines, or could they make us stronger? TASIS is a cultural haven where students and teachers from all over the world join together as collaborators. On day one we unpack our suitcases, and soon after we’re unpacking our life experiences and cultural heritages alongside each other. In a time where so much of the world is struggling with intolerance, cruelty, and widespread fear, it is important to remember that any one of us could be labeled an outcast for things that are beyond our control. As you will see in the show’s finale number, the students have done a beautiful job in expressing a fundamental truth that is best seen through they eyes of children—borders on land are a manmade construct. In the end, we all sleep under the same sky.

Same Sky was live-streamed and can be viewed in its entirety in the clip below, and a photo gallery can be viewed here.

MSP Final Night 

MSP concluded the second session with a number of performances in the Palestra on the afternoon of August 11. Students sang songs in multiple languages, showed off their instrumental talents, and performed several choreographed dance routines.

The full performance was live-streamed and can be viewed in the clip below. A gallery of photos can be found here.

Le Château des Enfants (CDE) Performances

CDE Musical: Peace Island

CDE students performed the original musical Peace Island in the Palmer Center on the evening of August 11. Andrew Leonard directed the show and wrote the book, music, and lyrics. Chris Rayis did the arrangements and orchestration.

Music Director/Accompanist: Chris Rayis
Choreographer: Julie Edwards Frazier-Smith
Sets: Marco Gabaglio
Costumes: Andrew Leonard and Julie Edwards Frazier-Smith
Lighting Design: Ben Gordon
CDE Stage Assistant: Tomson Carroll

Synopsis: Imagine a Nation where people are divided into separate zones and each zone is defined by specific talents. Then the evil ruler of this nation decides that there is room for only one talent left in the world and holds a nationwide Talent Competition. Groups from each zone volunteer and fight for their zones. However, as each zone gets eliminated, the contestants begin to disappear. Where do they go? They get sent to a deserted Island with no resources. What happens to these people with different talents, cultures, and skills? Do they work together and use their diversity for the better? Or do they stay divided, competing against one another without realizing the potential we all have to truly be one world?

Director’s Note: As I reflected on the state of the world this past year, I became aware of more and more atrocities that continued to divide the world into opposing directions. I feel that here at TASIS, there is an opportunity to provide the students with an experience where the exact opposite is the case. I get the chance to direct a musical with children from 17 different nationalities—that’s amazing! I wanted to write something that focused on celebrating this diversity—on realizing that our differences are what make this world beautiful. Our differences don’t have to divide us—in fact, they are what make us whole. Our differences are what make us one.

Peace Island was live-streamed and can be viewed in full in the clip below. A gallery of photos can be found here.

CDE Final Night

CDE celebrated the conclusion of session one with a variety of performances in the Palestra on the evening of August 11. Students sang medleys, performed children’s songs in multiple languages, played the drums and ukuleles, and showcased their dancing skills.

The entire performance was live-streamed and can be viewed in the clip below. Photos can be found here.

Visual Arts Exhibition

In addition to all the performances, the Summer Arts Festival also provided an opportunity to showcase the creative art and design exhibits produced by CDE, MSP, and TSP students. Visual Arts offerings during the second session included Art Activities (CDE), Robotics (CDE), Art Enrichment (MSP), Graphic Design (MSP), Digital Photography (MSP and TSP), Fashion & Textile Design (TSP), Landscape Painting (TSP), and Studio Project Art (TSP).

Many more excellent photographs from session two of the TASIS Summer Programs can be found on the TASIS SmugMug page.

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