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TASIS Goes to the Expo!
Posted 07/15/2015 02:00PM
Middle School Program

Students from MSP recently visited Expo Milano and had a fantastic time exploring the world-class event. One student said, "My favorite pavilion was Brazil's - there were rope held bridges over plants like you'd see in a rainforest, that was the coolest! I remember the Tree of Life at the entrance which is the first thing you see when you get to the Expo entrance. We all really enjoyed running around trying to get our Expo Passports stamped with as many country stamps as possible - the person with the most stamps won a prize!"

With the Expo Milano 2015 Passport, every visitor becomes a globetrotter. Each student returns home with a reminder of their journey around the world through the Pavilions of all the participating nations inside the Expo.

Château des Enfants

On Saturday, our CDE boarding students spent the afternoon and early evening visiting the international pavilions at ExpoMilan! The event's theme is "Feed the Planet, Energy for Life", and our CDE students spent their day learning and preparing for their visit.

In the morning, they talked about the Save the Children foundation, whose pavilion they would visit later in the day. The children compared images of themselves and a group of underprivileged children, spending time comparing and contrasting the groups and discussing how they could help. "This gave the children a greater context when we visited the Save the Children village," says Meagan Vincent, CDE Assistant Director. "And when we left the village later that day, most of the children were eager to donate their leftover shopping money to the Foundation."

The children also created their own sustainable communities on the TASIS campus. They built their own structures, keeping in mind weather concerns, and had to find easily-accessible water sources. The children discussed healthy food options and what they needed for a happy and healthy community. Some of the groups even bartered with each other for water and goats! The children made no-bake granola bars using natural and sustainable ingredients, and worked in a garden to harvest ingredients to make their own pasta.

The CDE visit to Expo was a huge success. The children's preparations meant they discussed the pavilions and the Expo's theme with interest, and as they visited various pavilions and sampled food from around the world, they commented on sustainability and health. One 8-year-old said, "I tried barbecue from the USA and small pancakes from the Netherlands. They are fine sometimes, but we need to think about health!"

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