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TSP Film Course Premier
Posted 07/16/2015 02:00PM


TSP Film Course students, together with DPAT - the Dedicated Performing Arts Team of instructors, put together a production this summer which premiered in the Palmer Cultural Center, Tuesday, July 21. Join us for the performance, and read a synopsis and director's note about the production here below.


As her mother reminisces on youthful travels through Switzerland, young Joanna embarks on a journey of her own. It is supposed to be a journey of discovery and enlightenment, but Joanna ignores the outside world as she focuses on the 9x5 centimeter screen of her phone. In a way, her smartphone grants her access to millions of people and events all over the world. But what will happen when Joanna finally looks up, and starts living here and now?

Director's Note: 

The TSP Digital Filmmaking class presents a short film about travel, alienation, and friendship. During an age when people are increasingly connected, and able to “share” moments with each other by simply tapping on a screen, the question arises: are we really more connected than we were before, or are our cell phones and other devices creating a barrier between individuals and their surroundings? In our attempt to constantly share moments with other people, is it possible that we are never truly experiencing them ourselves? Is it possible that being connected through signals and screens is only creating a larger disconnect among people?

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