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Summer Arts Festival and Final Night
Posted 07/21/2015 11:00AM

The Summer Arts Festival is the culminating event for Lugano students. Over the past three weeks, TASIS students have had the opportunity to stretch their creativity through the visual and performing arts. Families will be treated to a gallery of artwork and performances by students from all three programs. 

Performing Arts teacher Katherine Acone shared the philosophy behind the TASIS Arts Programs:

Each student in the summer programs participates in at least one artistic form, and many choose to be in more. At the beginning of each session, students choose their favorite art form and embark on a journey to puppeteer, play percussion, dance ballet, learn photography, throw pots, etc. TASIS takes it one step further by encouraging the students, with guidance, to be the designers and owners of their final festival product. 

The TASIS model allows each student to explore arts potentially unavailable to them in other places. In the words of one high school student, 'Here I can be a singer and a dancer, even though at home no one thinks of me that way.' This summer, that same student stars in her first musical, and each staff member will tell you that watching her blossom from an uncertain novice to a confident starlet has been transformative for everyone.

We are very proud of our Arts Festival entries because they represent the creativity and hard work of the students at every level. Each child has invested countless hours of practice and thought, and we think it is evident. We hope our students' creations and performances bring you as much joy as the process has brought to us!
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