Summer Programs in Puerto Rico


Marine Biology & Environmental Science

Puerto Rico contains an amazing supply of mature and often delicate ecosystems which present the perfect opportunity for students to study the vast array of tropical ecosystems and to be introduced to the study of the environment.

Whilst in Puerto Rico, students will engage with the natural environment and take advantage of the outdoor classroom available to us to investigate tropical diversity, community ecology, look for indicators of sustainability and study the impacts humans have on coral reefs and tropical forest habitats.

During the three weeks spent on the island, students will design and carry out investigations looking at pollution, ecosystem structure and population dynamics and have the opportunity to expand their understanding of coral reef ecology, the dangers of invasive species and the economic importance of coral reef ecosystems

This course is ideal as an introduction to the rigours of undertaking the study of a life science at either IB or AP level, as well as being suitable for students already studying biology or environmental science. It will be particularly useful for IB Environmental Systems or Biology students, as it will allow them to gain valuable data collection and laboratory skills whilst exploring issues such as community ecology and the links between human well being and a healthy environment.

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