Summer Programs in Puerto Rico


Student Testimonials

Read what students had to say about their summer at TASIS Dorado!

“An action-packed summer Spanish program in Puerto Rico! It has everything from under water photography to movie nights! The only way I can describe it as is AWESOME!” (Luke from Connecticut) 

“You should participate in this program if you want to improve your Spanish and learn the history and culture of Puerto Rico” (Diana from the Ukraine)

“It is a very good camp with lots of wonderful teachers, and you can make lots of friends. The Spanish lessons are excellent and the environmental experiences are very fun and educational” (Frederikke from Denmark)

“A fun and educational experience that involves academics and nature” (Erica from Texas)

“A fun program where you learn Spanish but also have fun going on trips to the beach or snorkelling” (Genevieve from Massachusetts)

“A fun, safe place to learn Spanish while exploring a beautiful island” (Elissa from California)

“I enjoyed every moment during the program, to be honest. The teachers and students were awesome. I am proud to say that I have not wasted my time here but only enjoyed it. This provided me with an unforgettable experience and a huge improvement of my Spanish” (Lucas from Korea)

“I enjoyed the sightseeing and all the activities. Personally, I loved the caves and the beaches” (Jacob from Texas)

“An awesome overall experience that I will always cherish. Full of activities and fun, and at the same time, packed with learning” (Filippo from Italy)

“TDSSP is so much FUN! You do all sorts of activities, and it’s a blast! You will not be disappointed!” (John from Connecticut)

“An amazing adventure. You meet people from around the world and also learn another language” (Ilayda from Turkey)

“The program is like the Disney World of learning Spanish. Absolutely the best three weeks of your life!” (Victor - Day student from Puerto Rico)

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