General Information

Located in the quiet village of Thorpe, Surrey, our spacious and secure campus features a charming mixture of old and new buildings with modernized interiors. Best of all, TASIS is close to international airports, London and all its cultural highlights, as well as adventures parks and sports arenas.

A typical day at the TASIS England Summer Programs involves a mixture of academics, sports, and activities. We offer a variety of courses, from innovative and exciting photography and business classes to intensive English language classes, elective courses, and an afternoon sports program. After dinner and study time, evening activities provide a chance for students to get to know other young people from different cultures and backgrounds and to practice English.

Weekends, too, find TASIS students experiencing full and exciting days, but now the theme is travel. With theatre trips to famous productions in the West End, and day trips throughout the South East of England , students have the opportunity to see and experience the famous cities, plays, and sites of England.

Daily Schedule

Monday to Friday

 7:45 am           Breakfast

9:00 am           Class

10:00 am         Elective

10:55 am         Break

11:10 am          Class

12:05 pm         Lunch or Class

1:00 pm           Lunch or Class

2:30 pm           Sports/Cultural or House Events

4:00 pm           Free Time

5:45 pm           Dinner

7:00 pm           Study Time (Except Fridays)

8:30 pm           Evening activity

10:00 pm         Check-in

Friday check in at 10:45 pm

Please note this is just an example and is subject to change

 Weekends are a time to choose your adventure, whether you experience the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge, ride a roller coaster, go paintballing, or discover London, the choice will be yours. Teachers and counselors will accompany the groups to ensure that all trips and activities are both fun and safe.   

Dorm Life
Living in a dorm is fun and enjoyable. Students find that, in addition to making new friends, living in a community atmosphere helps them develop independence, maturity, and confidence. Boys and girls are strictly segregated, and it is TASIS' policy to mix nationalities and languages within individual rooms. Because of this TASIS does not accept special roommate requests. The number of students in each dormitory depends on the size of the facility and the age of the students, as students of similar ages are grouped together. Students are encouraged to keep rooms clean and tidy, and counselors and teachers oversee daily life in the community.

Medical Information 
Two qualified nurses live on campus and are available 24 hours each day to attend to students' health needs. Should a student require the attention of a physician during his or her stay, this will be arranged by the nursing staff and parents will be notified immediately. 

Community Expectations 
Most students who attend the TASIS England Summer Programs are boarders, and life in a residential school is different from life in a day school. In order for everyone to live together happily and safely, specific expectations for behavior are set forth formally in writing, as well as informally, and as dictated by common sense. 

These expectations are based on the need for community members to conduct themselves in a way that builds mutual trust and respect. Examples of informal expectations for behavior include: arriving to class and activities on time, treating fellow students and teachers politely and respectfully, and using appropriate language. Formal expectations for behaviour include, but are not limited to, prohibitions against drugs, smoking, drinking, and stealing. Breaking these rules will result in more serious consequences. 

The TASIS England Summer Programs reserve the right to dismiss at any time a student who has demonstrated that he or she is an unsatisfactory member of the school community. If in the School's judgment a student's conduct on or away from campus indicates that he or she is consistently out of sympathy with the ideals, objectives, and programs of the School, parents will be required to withdraw the student, even though there may be no infraction of a specific rule.

Travel Insurance is included in the cost of the TASIS England Summer Programs. Areas covered by this policy are: Personal Injury, Medical Insurance, Personal Belongings, Money, Disruption and Personal Liability. For more information on the policy please contact the Summer Admissions office on

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