General Information

Dormitory Life
Spread throughout the historic campus are dormitories, staffed by the teachers and counselors. Boys and girls are strictly segregated, but within individual rooms it is TASIS' policy to mix nationalities and mother tongues. Because of this, TASIS does not normally accept special roommate requests. Students are also encouraged to keep their rooms clean and tidy. The number of students in each dormitory room is governed by the size of the dormitory facility and by the age of the students. Room occupancy ranges from two to five students.

Medical Information 
Two qualified nurses live on campus and are available 24 hours each day to attend to students' health needs. Should a student require the attention of a physician during his or her stay, this will be arranged by the nursing staff and parents will be notified immediately. Note: students visiting the doctor will be charged a fee as a private patient. 

Credit Courses 
For those courses eligible for credit (see page 6), TASIS provides qualifying students with a Certificate of Credit, which indicates that the amount and quality of the work done is deemed creditworthy by TASIS England. However, credit is awarded by the school attended by the student, and students must confirm all credit arrangements with the academic office at their own school prior to enrollment.

Grade Reports 
Grade reports and a summary of the work covered in class will be sent at the end of each session and will cover the whole period.

Community Expectations 
The majority of students attending the TASIS England Summer Programs are boarders, and life in a residential school is undoubtedly different from life in a day school. Not only is the school itself acting as parent and guardian, but the smooth running of a small community requires a fairly structured set of rules and guidelines. In order for everyone to live together happily and safely during the summer at TASIS, specific expectations for behavior are set forth formally in writing, as well as informally, and as dictated by common sense. 

Arriving to class or the dormitory on time, treating fellow students and teachers politely and respectfully, and using appropriate language are examples of informal expectations which do not necessarily need to be written down. However, other, more serious codes of behavior are formally and carefully written. Prohibitions against drugs, smoking, drinking, and stealing are examples of such rules, and infractions of these will, of course, have more serious consequences. For the most part, the students attending our Summer Programs come to learn, enjoy, make new friends, and have new experiences; thus there are rarely serious infractions of major rules. These major rules are simple and relatively few in number. They are based on the need for mutual trust and respect. A list of rules is available on request. 

The TASIS England Summer Programs reserve the right to dismiss at any time a student who has proven to be an unsatisfactory member of the school community. If in the School's judgment a student's conduct on or away from campus indicates that he or she is consistently out of sympathy with the ideals, objectives, and programs of the School, parents will be required to withdraw the student, even though there may be no infraction of a specific rule.

Travel Insurance is included in the cost of the TASIS England Summer Programs. Areas covered by this policy are: Personal Injury, Medical Insurance, Personal Belongings, Money, Disruption and Personal Liability. Please click here to read the full policy summary. For more information on the policy please contact the Summer Admissions office on

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