Summer Programs in Switzerland


Middle School Program (MSP) Employment Application Form

MSP is an international children’s summer program in Lugano, Switzerland for children ages 11-13. Fill out the following online application form for employment with the MSP summer program.

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Three references are required: have two references and your current employer fill out the MSP Online Reference for Employment Form about you (the applicant). The results are confidential and will go directly to the MSP Director. 

Please email or mail a cover letter, include scans or photocopies of certifications, passports, your driver’s license, and any recommendation beneficial to your candidacy. If you are emailing, please send attachments as a PDF in one email. References will come individually from the online application form.

Thank you for applying.

Marc-Pierre Jansen
MSP Director
107 SW Street Suite 957
Alexandria, VA 22314


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