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Summer Arts Festival Opens July 15
Posted 07/14/2017 11:52AM

The TASIS Summer Programs will celebrate student accomplishments in music, drama, musical theater, dance, photography, architecture, and visual arts from July 15–19. The full schedule of events in listed below, and please note that six of the performances will be streamed live on the TASIS YouTube channel. Visit for more information.

Performing Arts Events

TSP Musical


Date Event Time (GMT+1) Location
July 15

CDE Talent Show

19:15 Palmer Center

July 15

MSP Talent Show 20:30 Palmer Center
July 17 TSP Talent Show 19:45 Palestra
July 18 TSP Drama Performances (Stream)
13:15 Palmer Center
July 18 TSP Musical: Windcatcher (Stream) 19:30
Palmer Center
July 19 CDE Musical: Peace Island (Stream) 15:30 Palmer Center
July 19 CDE Final Night (Stream) 16:30 Palestra
July 19 MSP Musical: Same Sky (Stream) 18:00 Palmer Center
July 19 MSP Final Night (Stream)

Visual Arts Exhibition

Visual Art Exhibitions

Art and design exhibits by TSP, MSP, and CDE students will be showcased in the Palestra Salon from 18:00–21:00 on July 18 and from 9:00–21:00 on July 19.

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