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Posted 10/26/2016 01:34PM


Watch our new videos, examine our catalog and interactive viewbook, see photo galleries, read testimonials, and learn about how 2017 can be the best summer of your life.


TASIS Summer Program (TSP: ages 14–18)


  • Intensive courses in languages, Visual and Performing Arts, Academic Writing, and International Baccalaureate prep

  • A wide variety of sports and outdoor adventures

  • Cultural excursions to some of Europe’s most beautiful locations 

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Middle School Program (MSP: ages 11–14)


  • Intensive courses in languages and Performing Arts

  • A wide variety of sports, outdoor activities, and elective academic offerings

  • Cultural excursions to exciting destinations around Europe

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Le Château des Enfants (CDE: ages 4½–10)


  • Language, Science, and Performing Arts courses 

  • An exciting array of clubs, sports, and outdoor activities

  • Fun and educational trips to a number of nearby destinations 

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Summer Program Catalog


Summer Programs Catalog 2017


Our 2017 catalog demonstrates what sets the TASIS Summer Programs apart while also providing details about course offerings, elective opportunities, and travel excursions for each individual program.

Interactive Viewbook 

Summer Programs Interactive Viewbook

Summer Programs Interactive Viewbook 2017

Our interactive viewbook provides a snapshot of all three programs while weaving in multimedia content.

Photo Galleries

Summer Programs Session 1  |  Summer Programs Session 2

Our SmugMug page contains tons of photo galleries from the past six summers. Explore the individual galleries to gain a better sense of how each program operates.


The following testimonials were offered by students and parents at the conclusion of the 2016 TASIS Summer Programs.


TASIS Summer Program (TSP: ages 14–18)

Why would you recommend TSP to a friend?

I’ve never seen a place like this, where many people from many different countries form friendships. It’s amazing.

I’ve never been so grateful in my entire life. I have this overwhelming sense of gratitude. I’m so lucky to be here, among these incredible people, we’re traveling the world together. I spent this afternoon kayaking in Italy and tonight I will have a wonderful meal with my friends and tonight we will dance and sing together— it’s like something out of a movie.

The memories that TASIS leaves in my life keep me coming back year after year. It’s such an experience to come here every summer. Every time I come here I leave with bright emotions in my soul. I come back and the memories hit me. This is my family now.

TASIS is the greatest place on earth! The landscapes are like a green screen—completely out of your mind.

I think it's a great learning experience both inside and outside the classroom.

This was a life-changing experience that I will remember forever. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to attend TSP.

It is an experience that I believe cannot be had in any other place.

I learned many new things here and got the chance to meet many people from all over the world.

I really enjoyed it and  made a lot of new friends from around the world. Additionally, I was able to visit places that I otherwise would not have been able to visit with my parents.

It is an amazing experience, and I wouldn't want my friends to miss out on this opportunity.

It is a great way for people to stretch themselves and do things they aren't used to doing.

I think this school is one of the best schools in Europe because of the campus, the activities, English class, and the people.

The best part of TSP was…

...everything. The optional trips, advisor meetings, dorms, friends, and classes made my experience euphoric.

...getting the opportunity to meet people who are from different parts of the world.

...getting to know amazing people.

...making new friends from all around the world.

...meeting all the people who I now consider my family.

...the campus and the people and the food.

...meeting new people and learning about them and their cultures.

...meeting new  people and seeing new places.

...meeting so many new people from everywhere and making great memories with them.

...we all accept each other. We’re all equal. You learn about where others come from and their lives.

Middle School Program (MSP: ages 11–14)

General Comments

The trips, the people, the languages—it’s all special. TASIS a part of the world where every person can come here and learn about themselves.

Sofia, Italy

MSP is amazing. It’s the most fun place in the world. It’s very important to come here because you can learn English and have a lot of fun. You speak English with people from all over the world. If you know English, you can go anywhere in the world, which is important for my future. I want to travel to America, to Asia, and if I don’t know English, I can’t.

(Carlo, Italy)

We were impressed with MSP’s organization and quality. Our daughter is enthusiastic about the school, staff, and teachers. We think this experience will be important in her life.

My son has matured a lot. It was the first time he was away, and he had a difficult time adjusting at first, but he grew so much personally and is more confident now.

My son loved the counselors and all the work they did to make kids feel comfortable and not homesick. They were all really fantastic.

MSP was beyond our expectations.

Clean and beautiful buildings. Great cafeteria and outstanding food. Well-kept gardens and overall a peaceful atmosphere.

On Internationalism

At TASIS, I’ve met a lot of friends. I have a hundred friends every summer. They are from all over the world, and that is one of the best things about TASIS—you meet people from everywhere, and that’s so cool.

(Tayga, Turkey)

I have friends from Turkey, Turkmenistan, Russia, Japan, China, the USA, loads of places. There are so many similarities between us, no matter where we’re from. We’re all the same. We really get close to each other in three weeks, and that’s really nice.

(Lila, France/Turkey)

When I’m not at TASIS, I miss my friends. We all live in faraway places and spend every second here to its fullest, together. It’s like a new family that I have.

(Josip, Croatia)

My daughter wants to come back next summer for sure. I have seen her making friends beyond borders and languages, which, I trust, is a unique and precious experience that she will treasure for life.

The boost of confidence that comes from interacting with students from all over the world opens their minds.

I was utterly impressed with my daughter’s ability to adapt to and absorb other cultures in such a short period of time.

On Language Classes

My daughter’s spoken English has improved greatly!

My son’s pronunciation and reading skills improved.

There was noticeable improvement in my daughter’s  speaking skills.

On Musical Theater

We rehearse, we work hard. The teachers are really good and push us, and I feel like my English has improved as well as my theater skills.

Tayga, Turkey

On Travel

I really like the trips that we take. I went to the Italian Riviera and to Andermatt. I love to hike and to see beautiful sights. It was a good experience that I’ll never forget.

Gabriela, Finland

Le Château des Enfants (CDE: ages 4½–10)

General Comments from Parents

My daughter enjoyed the program very much, especially music and swimming. On her way back from the program every day, not only would she tell me the how the school day went, she would also sing and dance with her little brother, which made me very happy and appreciative of TASIS. I sincerely want to bring my children back to TASIS summer program next summer again and would definitely recommend TASIS to anyone around me!

My children were so happy to be part of this community.

CDE has made my child's first experience with school an extremely positive one—thank you!

My son will remember everything. It was a great growing experience, meeting people that he had never met before. He really enjoyed forming new relationships with great staff and other children.

CDE is a friendly, welcoming environment and the staff made us feel at home.

An amazing program with amazing staff. My daughter did not want to leave!

My son had an amazing summer. Thank you to all the staff and counselors who worked so hard to make every aspect of the summer so special. It is truly an extraordinary program.

When asked by people what his favorite part of the summer was, without exception my son has answered, ‘I loved TASIS.’ Thanks to all of you.

On Academics

I was especially impressed by the energy and commitment of my daughter’s teachers, who were wonderful.

First-rate facilities, quality of teaching, and approach to discipline.

My son had an excellent experience at TASIS. Plus his English has improved a lot and he has had a lot of fun learning.

My daughter’s English is much improved, and her ability to socialize became much better.

On Internationalism

The international atmosphere will be an asset to my son’s experience.

My daughter enjoyed every single day at TASIS. The CDE experience made her more curious about foreign languages, other cultures, music, and sports. She made new friendships and is looking forward to attending CDE again next year.

It is inspiring to see that the children are interested in being involved in different activities with others from all over the world.

On Boarding

This was my son’s first time as a boarding student, and it was a great growing experience. He formulated close relationships with both teachers and students. He described boarding as building a new second family. It was truly an amazing experience.

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