We offer a wide range of sports and activities on our beautiful campus, with excellent facilities under the guidance and mentorship of a passionate group of professional Sport+ coaches. 


Learn the techniques and posture behind how to accurately perform archery, hone your skills in this sport and take on a number of accuracy challenges with target practice. Put your skills to the test with Archery Tag, padded arrow tips allow you to challenge besting others! 

*Archery is an additional cost


A great leisure sport to enjoy with friends. Learn the strategies and methods of the game to compete tactically against opponents and with team mates.


Build your sports skills and master the quick thinking necessary to excel in this sport both as a player and as part of a team.


There are many ways to exercise and our fitness experts can cater to them all. Boxfit, circuit training, crossfit, and running are a few options that we offer. We will cater to the needs and wants of the group and help you enjoy achieving your fitness goals.


Our fully equipped gym comes with great spacing, all kinds of quality equipment, and the facility to complete any manner of workout. Always a popular choice at TASIS, learn from our fitness team who will support with workouts, give training advice, or lead those who prefer guidance. Due to the nature of the sport and facility, students must be over 14 to use the gym.

Horse Riding*

Berkshire Riding Centre (just a short distance from TASIS) offers everyone the chance to take part in Horse Riding. Whether you are an absolute beginner or have dreams of becoming an Olympic champion come and enjoy horse riding in a highly commended BHS approved riding school. 

*Horse Riding is an additional cost

Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts course offers an array of disciplines. Self-defense is the focus of the course, discipline is the method. You will learn blocks, holds, throws, and much more. Martial Arts is a demanding but stimulating activity; a great opportunity for those who want to face a new challenge!


Step on the pitch with others from around the world and get a true taste for why soccer is an international game.

Street-Style Dance

Have fun expressing yourself to music, enjoy learning the moves to all kinds of music, using a number of street styles. Test yourself and what you have learnt by putting it into routines. Exercise, express, and learn something new!

Table Tennis

Learn the tricks of the game and the methods of success. Take on challenges set by coaches and enjoy playing with and against your friends.


We have a proud history of tennis at TASIS, players are able to play with each other at all levels, learn how to improve on techniques, and enjoy this game!


Another popular sport, learn to apply the techniques of volleyball in order to play the game effectively. Teamwork is important within this game; build your social skills and communication to win over your opponents!


Focused relaxation is a completely different way to spend your sports time. Conditioning exercises building up your core stability and strength. Balance and flexibility are developed through movement patterns. Breathing techniques help with mental well-being.
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