Summer Enrichment Courses


Elective Courses 

Discover new subjects you have always wanted to try or practice activities you already enjoy! Electives meet for 50 minutes each day, Monday through Friday, and students choose one elective per session.

Elective Course Offerings

Graphic Design

Sessions 1 and 2

In this class the students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to use computer technology as a medium for assisting with the design and manipulation of drawings, photographic media, and other graphic projects.  The course will provide an introduction to the principles and techniques of graphic design using the latest computer technology and software.  Topics covered will include page layout design, vector-based illustration, and photographic manipulation. Programs used will include Adobe Photoshop.

Studio Art

Sessions 1 and 2

Explore and discover fundamental drawing, sketching, and painting techniques. You will learn the nature of line, space, color, composition, and form using charcoal, pen, ink, pastels, and paint. This elective features studio work and outdoor sketching.


Sessions 1 and 2

Collaborate with other dance enthusiasts to create an original dance piece. Students choose the music and, guided by their teacher, develop the choreography, practice and polish the dance, and perform it at the end-of-session Talent Show.

Theatre Performance

Sessions 1 and 2

Express yourself and your creativity! Learn and build on the following theatre skills: improvisation, characterizations, voice projection, and movement. You will create, develop, and perform theatrical pieces to perform at the end-of-session Talent Show.

Digital Music

Sessions 1 and 2

This innovative music class combines playing real musical instruments with the modern technology of GarageBand. You will learn to play and record pieces to create digital sequences. The next steps will be to combine, enhance, and manipulate your music to create an original digital music composition.


Introduction to Robotics

Sessions 1 and 2

Discover robotics - the study of the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. You will learn about robotic vision, motion planning, mobile mechanisms, kinematics, and sensors. Projects will feature the construction of robots driven by a microcontroller, and each project will reinforce the basic principles developed in class.


Sessions 1 and 2

Have you ever wanted to create your own Da Vinci Code or National Treasure style scavenger hunt? Come and join the world of Coding. Learn about the history of Coding and its use in transmitting messages. You will learn Coding techniques, design your own program and create your own secret messages and scavenger hunt for others to solve.  

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