English Language Courses

Available Courses

    • English Language: 6 levels • Sessions 1 & 2 • Ages 11-17

Exam Prep

    • IELTS • Session  2  • Ages 15-17

The British Council inspected and accredited TASIS The American School in England in July 2018. The Accreditation Plan assesses the standards of management, resources and premises, teaching and welfare and accredits organizations which meet the overall standard in each of the areas inspected. The latest report can be found here

TASIS England Language courses will help you make rapid progress in your English fluency. Living in an English speaking environment and sharing the campus with native English speakers means that you will practice your language skills throughout the day. Weekdays include structured and intensive classroom instruction, fun elective classes, sports, and evening activities. Weekends are devoted to travel to London and throughout Great Britain. Through everyday life, sports, travel, study, and new friendships, you will be part of an intense immersion experience and make excellent progress with your language skills.

Course Information

The TASIS English Language Program is offered in two 3-week sessions, or a combined six-week session. Students may choose to attend the first or second session, or the full six-week session. Six levels of instruction are provided, from beginning to advanced, each one divided into a section for older and a section for younger students. Upon arrival, students are tested and placed in the appropriate class.

Every aspect of the English Language students' experience is shared with native English-speaking students, and English is heard and used in a wide range of contexts, such as in the dormitory, on the playing field, in the towns the students visit, and during social time on campus. English is the language at TASIS, and students soon find that our entire campus becomes their language laboratory. By living, playing, socializing, traveling, and studying in English throughout the summer, English Language students experience an intense immersion in the language and make excellent progress with all their skills.

Click here to download a PDF of the TELP course objectives.

Students focus on the main skill areas of grammar, speaking, writing, and reading. The students receive instruction and practice in areas such as verb forms and tenses, prepositions, comparative forms, conditional sentences, passive forms, and reported speech. The dynamic classroom environment includes discussion, group work, pair work, oral presentations, listening exercises, songs, dialogues, role-play, communication games, dictation, daily journals, and structured writing assignments. Both British and American textbooks are used, and all the classes employ a main course text, a student workbook, a selection of graded readers, DVDs, and CD recordings. A modern and fully equipped computer lab offers the latest in language-learning software, and helps to support and further students' progress in English by encouraging practice and review.

In addition to the 15 hours of intensive English language instruction and the four-hours-and-ten minutes of an elective course each week,  students are assigned 5-6 hours of homework each week.

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