Summer Enrichment Courses


Enrichment Courses

Enrichment Courses at TASIS England Summer School offer students an unparalleled opportunity to explore a subject they may be interested in but have no time to study in their normal school curriculum. In Enrichment Course classes, students come from all over the world with their individual perspectives and understandings, yet with a shared desire to learn more about the subject.

Many of the courses focus on the historic and cultural treasures of England and London, and they include frequent class trips to enhance instruction with first-hand experience, a priceless educational dimension that is just not possible elsewhere. Courses in the first session last for three weeks, and those in the second session also last for three weeks.

Debate and Public Speaking

Sessions 1 and 2    Ages 14-17

During this course students will be taught techniques such as clear organization of ideas and counter arguments, tone of speech, body language and eye contact which will enable them to improve their oral skills and become more effective debaters. This course will also give students a confidence in their ability to speak in public.

Drawing & 3-D Design

Sessions 1 & 2  Ages 14-17

Explore the city of London while you develop your creativity and find new ways of seeing and observing the world around you. You will document your ideas and observations in a workbook, learn different techniques to bring your ideas to life (using Photoshop, oils, collage, varnishes, stencils, etc.), then further develop your 2-dimensional designs into 3-dimensional works of art. 3D model-making techniques using paper and model card will also be used to teach the essence of form and how to work with different media and scales.

Fashion & Textile Design

Sessions 1 & 2  Ages 13-17

This combined study of fashion and textile design offers a unique opportunity to learn and master various textile design techniques including printing, painting, weaving, felting, and sewing. You will also learn how to create garments, patterns, and 2- or 3-dimensional installations using different methods, materials and hands-on techniques. Visits to London galleries and fashion locations will be an integral part of the course.

IB Math Review

Session 2    Ages 15-17

This course is aimed at student who will be entering their second year of the IB Diploma Programme. It will revisit and reinforce some skills covered in the first year of the IB Diploma Mathematics course and also move into some topics that are part of the second year. Consideration will be given to using the Graphics Display Calculator which is an integral tool for the IB Mathematics courses. Finally some time will be devoted to the Mathematics Exploration, which is the Internal Assessment component. 

International Business

Sessions 1 & 2    Ages 14-17

The global marketplace has an impact on daily living and finances worldwide. Explore the field of international business and discover the ins and outs of global trade, immigration, business travel, current events, courtesy expressions, importing and exporting, careers, economies, and much more.

LEAD U Academy: Leadership in Action!

Session 1    Ages 13-17

JD Wilson with the Lead U Crew will be hosting a fully interactive, differentiated empowerment experience at TASIS, The American School In England over a three week leadership course. Students will learn and live the elements of a strong team, as well as develop activities and initiatives on campus to lead their peers. Furthermore, they will be given the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and create together while building their own school community. This experiential learning will help the students foster skills necessary for becoming tomorrow's leader. The students will work together through various age-specific strategies focusing on public speaking, peer to peer communication, social emotional learning, mindfulness, and the responsibility of embracing the leader within themselves.


London Through a Lens

Sessions 1 & 2    Ages 13-17

Discover London through a camera lens as you capture images of life in this vibrant city using the latest digital technologies. On campus, you will develop your ideas and refine your techniques. Topics include studio photography, outdoor action, and still photography. Learning about specific photographers and their stylistic camera techniques is integral to the course. Over the course of the session, you will prepare three portfolios.

Reading Adventures, Earth Discovery and Leadership

Sessions 1 and 2  Ages 10-12

Part of our Junior Royals program this enrichment class includes language arts, reading and writing, mathematics and science. Organization and leadership skills are imbedded in the curriculum. A different theme pertaining to the three academic disciplines will be explored and studied and will culminate in an excursion related to each theme.

STEM and STEM Junior

STEM - Sessions 1 and 2   Ages 13-17

STEM Junior - Sessions 1 and 2   Ages 10-12

This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) class integrates concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects in different classes and emphasizes the application of knowledge to real-life situations. A lesson or unit in a STEM class is typically based around finding a solution and connection to a real-world problem and emphasizes project-based learning.

Television Production

Sessions 1 & 2    Ages 13-17

Powerful and persuasive, television has the power to change the course of history by its influence on viewers and how it communicates information. In this course, you will learn to produce your own videos using everyday recording equipment as well as the programs iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Quicktime. Field trips to see broadcasting in action will give you a first-hand view into the industry. Television production is an exciting, fast-paced field. Live the life of a television producer for a summer and get a taste for the adventure!

Writing Enhancement

Sessions 1 & 2     Ages 13-17

Students whose first language is not English often feel insecure with their ability to clearly communicate their ideas in both written and spoken form, vital skills needed for academic success at English-speaking schools and universities. This course will help you better understand and use clear logical order and structure when presenting thoughts and ideas in English. Work is focused on techniques of clear writing and oratory through compositions, discussions, and debate. You will develop the ability to express thoughts and opinions clearly and effectively in written and spoken forms.

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