Summer Academic Courses


Academic Courses 

 The TASIS England Summer School has provided ways for many students throughout the world to make excellent academic progress during the summer months. These classes are designed to be the general equivalents of courses offered at many U.S. high schools for academic credit. Students may choose to either retake a course in which they have not done as well as they would have liked or to take a course for the first time to prepare for the upcoming school year. Courses meet for eleven and one half hours per week for six weeks; the classes are small to ensure that students receive individual guidance and assistance; and every student spends nine hours per week in quiet study and on additional work in the course. TASIS England students who successfully retake academic courses are normally granted academic credit if they need it, and those who do well enough in certain courses (math and science, for example) may be able to advance to the next course in the academic sequence. However, each school has its own policies regarding academic credit and placement, and prospective students should be sure to discuss their plans with their home school's academic office.



A six-week course   ages 14-17

This course provides a thorough foundation in plane Euclidean geometry with an emphasis on the formal nature of definition, the structure of knowledge, as well as inductive and deductive reasoning. An introduction to trigonometry through similar triangles and to analytic geometry through the coordinate plane is included.

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