Summer Programs in England


TASIS England Summer Programs

TASIS England Summer Programs are widely recognized not only for the quality and strength of our academic, sports, and travel programs, but also as a caring and structured community, where young people from over forty countries learn to live together and transcend national and cultural boundaries. Every summer, we welcome students from every corner of the globe as they arrive on our forty-six acre campus near London to experience an unforgettable summer in England.

First Session: June 24th - July 13th 2019         Second Session: July 15th - August 3rd 2019

Junior Royals

Ages 10-12


Students aged 10-12 can attend for either three or six weeks and can select from three courses - English Language, Creative English or Reading Adventures, Earth Discovery and Leadership. Additionally, the program features a wide range of sports and activities and weekend excursions.


Academic Programs

Ages 14-17

ACADEMIC Information

  • Six-week Program
  • Geometry
  • A wide range of elective courses


Enrichment and English Language Programs

Ages 13 - 17

MORE Information

  • A wide range of courses available including STEM, English Literature as Movies, International Business and London Through a Lens.
  • English Language Program (six levels)
  • Class trips and weekend excursions throughout England
  • Wide range of sports and activities


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