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Academic Writing

Students practice the various forms of writing that are expected at quality international schools and universities. Classes focus on structuring and writing narrative, expository, persuasive, and research essays, and students leave with a portfolio of work that will enhance their school applications. This course is limited to native speakers or near-fluent students who are taught primarily in English during the academic year.

First session only.

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Academic Writing

Designed for native speakers and students who attend a school where the primary language is English, this course encourages young writers to express themselves in English. Students improve their writing through learning how to structure and write essays, short stories, and persuasive texts. They discuss what makes good creative writing and strengthen their comprehension and critical thinking skills.

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Architecture & 3D Design

We all experience architecture without even thinking about it. The space that surrounds us, our homes, our schools, and our cities are all shaped in some way by architectural design. Let’s challenge our ideas, explore, and design an inhabitable space through this hands-on course that cultivates creativity, critical analysis, and ideas development. You will be introduced to the qualities of architectural space, form, function, and materiality through drawing, experimentation, and specialist workshop demonstrations. Each student will have the chance to design their own liveable space using a range of techniques like sketching, collage, technical drawing, paper folding, and 3D modeling in a variety of media and scales. 

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Architecture & Design

This course introduces students to the disciplines of architecture and design. Classwork includes studying and sketching architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries from slides and creating several models that are displayed during the Summer Arts Festival. A required weekend trip takes the class to Weil-am-Rhein Germany to explore the renowned Vitra Design Museum. Prerequisite: intermediate English level. If a student does not meet the minimum language requirement, he or she will be placed in the appropriate EAL class. 

First session only at an additional cost of CHF 650 to cover the field trip

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Young players will be challenged by tactical and sophisticated methods of play. Coaches focus on physical strength and the elements of fitness necessary to improve player confidence and performance. 

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Get in shape fast with the renowned strength and conditioning program that consists of aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and weightlifting.

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Digital Photography

An experienced photographer works with students who are looking to make every photograph a better one. The curriculum focuses on camera features, composition, lighting techniques, and image processing, and the class takes various trips to scenic locations around Ticino. DSLR cameras are required. 

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Digital Photography & Filmmaking

This course is an introduction to the technical and aesthetic properties of digital photography and filmmaking with an emphasis on using a digital camera as a tool for self-expression. Students learn how to process images and film with the tools offered in Adobe Creative Cloud, and trips around the region provide opportunities to practice shooting among some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in Europe. Students must bring their own DSLR camera. Prerequisite: intermediate English level. If a student does not meet the minimum language requirement, he or she will be placed in the appropriate EAL class.

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English as an additional Language (EAL)

Every aspect of the English Language students' experience is shared with native English-speaking students, and English is heard and used in a wide range of contexts, such as in the dormitory, on the playing field, in the towns the students visit, and during social time on campus. English is the language at TASIS, and students soon find that our entire campus becomes their language laboratory. By living, playing, socializing, traveling, and studying in English throughout the summer, English Language students experience an intense immersion in the language and make excellent progress with all their skills. 

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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

English courses are structured to improve fluency and confidence in an immersive environment. Lessons are reinforced through daily interactions with friends and counselors. Courses include all levels.

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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

MSP offers students the chance to improve their confidence and skills in English. The program language is English, so TASIS offers an immersive language experience for children. Our teachers make learning fun by providing interactive, challenging activities, and the MSP environment compels students to practice their English during sports, activities, meals, and excursions. Courses cater to all levels.

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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our EAL course is a truly immersive English language learning experience, as English is the language of instruction and communication program-wide.

Small class sizes and strategic grouping ensure differentiated lessons for our young learners. During morning class time, children learn new academic language and vocabulary, participate in group projects, and engage in field trips that give them the chance to use their language in the real world. In the afternoon, students participate in STEAM Hour with their EAL teacher. The EAL course is designed for beginner, intermediate, or advanced English language learners who wish to establish or develop their English speaking and listening skills. Also offered is an Advanced Reading and Creative Writing course for high-level English students and native speakers.

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Entrepreneur Inc: An Introduction to Business

Do you dream of starting a successful business in the future? What are the secrets of successful entrepreneurs? In this three-week course, we will look at some of the most famous entrepreneurs in history to better understand the important skills, habits, and actions needed to be successful. You will also learn the fundamentals of good business, including strategy, marketing, management, and finances. Our study will culminate in a hands-on project where you will develop a unique concept and build your very own business proposal to "pitch" to investors (your classmates).

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Fashion and Textile Design

This combined study of fashion and textile design offers a unique opportunity to learn and master various textile design techniques including printing, painting, weaving, felting, and sewing. You will also learn how to create garments, patterns, and 2- or 3- dimensional installations using different methods, materials, and hands-on techniques. 

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Fashion & Textile Design

This course introduces students to the fascinating world of fashion design and illustration. Students gain an understanding of the design process by engaging in fashion illustration, natural indigo dyeing, silk painting, and block printing while becoming more confident in design. Students develop an awareness of major sustainability issues in today's industry and learn ways to be more conscious consumers. The class has the opportunity to visit local fashion offices and museums. Prerequisite: intermediate English level. If a student does not meet the minimum language requirement, he or she will be placed in the appropriate EAL class.

Second session only.

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Fine Art Portfolio

This intensive drawing and painting course offers young artists the unique opportunity to learn and practice techniques taught in 19th-century French art academies. The classic approach allows students to enhance both their artistic skills and portfolios and is an excellent option for students preparing to enter art school or for those studying AP or IB Art. Applicants are required to submit a recommendation from an art teacher. Prerequisite: intermediate English level. If a student does not meet the minimum language requirement, he or she will be placed in the appropriate EAL class.

First session only.

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Foundations on Language and Research (Online)

This course focuses on the reading, writing, and language skills that are relevant and aligned to future English and research courses. It prepares students for close and critical reading through the discussion of the use of language and the purpose of complex and informational texts. Students will react to and use them as textual evidence in different types of analytical writing to support their arguments.

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Our French course introduces children to the languages and cultures of French-speaking countries. Learning continues outside the classroom, as students sit together at meals to gain additional speaking practice and attend weekly field trips together. During afternoon class time, students participate in STEAM Hour with their French teacher. The French course is designed for beginner or intermediate French language learners.

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This course provides a thorough foundation in plane Euclidean geometry with an emphasis on the formal nature of definition, the structure of knowledge, as well as inductive and deductive reasoning. An introduction to trigonometry through similar triangles and to analytic geometry through the coordinate plane is included.

TASIS England students who successfully retake academic courses are normally granted academic credit if they need it, and those who do well enough in certain courses may be able to advance to the next course in the academic sequence. However, each school has its own policies regarding academic credit and placement, and prospective students should be sure to discuss their plans with their home school's academic office.

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Graphing Calculator Skills (Online)

Students will learn how to use the many features of the Texas Instruments graphics display calculator (GDC) to enhance their understanding of mathematics and improve their ability to respond to exam-style questions. They will learn how to use the GDC to graph functions and find their important features such as intercepts and turning points. They will also learn how the GDC can be used to perform statistical analysis of data sets.

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IB Math Review

This course is aimed at student who will be entering their second year of the IB Diploma Programme. It will revisit and reinforce some skills covered in the first year of the IB Diploma Mathematics course and also move into some topics that are part of the second year. Consideration will be given to using the Graphics Display Calculator which is an integral tool for the IB Mathematics courses. Finally some time will be devoted to the Mathematics Exploration, which is the Internal Assessment component. 

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Are you thinking of attending a British university?  This intensive course is designed to prepare you for the academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. This British/Australian exam is used by universities and institutions worldwide to assess a student’s level of English for admissions purposes, and it has become increasingly accepted by American universities. You will work on all sections of the exam: Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading, and you will become familiar with strategies to improve your IELTS scores. A placement test is conducted upon arrival to ensure students meet the course requirements.  

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Intensive French

The French program is focused on providing an accelerated environment for learning the French language and learning about Francophone culture. Students develop speaking, reading, and writing skills and learn about French food, culture, songs, and films. Courses include beginner and intermediate levels.

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Intensive French

Students learn from native speakers who are dedicated to helping them gain confidence in their skills. Optional trips to the French-speaking part of Switzerland provide a chance to use the language with locals. Courses include beginner and intermediate levels.

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International Baccalaureate (IB)® Preparation Course

This course is designed for students entering their first year of the IB. Students learn about the three core components of the IB program (Theory of Knowledge; the Extended Essay; and Creativity, Activity, Service) and develop their research, presentation, and academic writing skills. The class also discusses how to stay on track in the IB Diploma Program through realistic goal-setting and time management. Students must have at least an intermediate level of English and need to bring a laptop. This course is limited to native speakers or near-fluent students who are taught primarily in English during the academic year.

Second session only.

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Ticino, the only Italian-speaking Swiss canton, is the perfect environment for learning conversational Italian. Students build their vocabulary and learn to write about topics in the areas of fashion, food, art, and culture. They reinforce their classroom learning with excursions to locations throughout Ticino and Italy. Courses include beginner and intermediate levels.

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La Cucina Italiana

Learn to cook authentic Italian food! Students choose ingredients at Italian markets, tour Italian cheese and meat factories, practice knife skills, and learn how to perfectly balance spices. They leave with an extensive knowledge of the food culture of Italy—and with a few recipes to use for years to come!

Second session only.

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Leadership Academy

JD Wilson with the Lead U Crew will be hosting a fully interactive, differentiated empowerment experience at TASIS over a three-week leadership course. Students will learn and live the elements of a strong team, as well as develop activities and initiatives on campus to lead their peers. Furthermore, they will be given the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and create together while building their own school community. This experiential learning will help students foster skills necessary for becoming tomorrow's leaders. The students will work together through various age-specific strategies focusing on public speaking, peer-to-peer communication, social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and the responsibility of embracing the leader within themselves. 

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Lean Startup Masterclass

Guided by an experienced teacher and the build-measure-learn feedback loop, students learn the basic principles of the lean startup approach, examine how the digital innovation explosion has rapidly changed the way an entrepreneur must approach starting a new business, identify which skills are most important in this new landscape, and ultimately develop their own ideas into a startup. Laptops required. This course is designed for near-fluent and native English speakers.

First session only.

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London through a Lens: Digital Photography

Discover London and the surrounding countryside through a camera lens as you capture images of life using the latest digital technologies. Students are encouraged to develop their ideas and refine techniques as they prepare three portfolios during the course. The study of photographers and their own personal style is at the forefront of each lesson. Lesson topics include studio photography, outdoor action, and still photography. 

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Milan Academy Scuola Calcio

Students have the exceptional opportunity to work under coaches from the renowned Milan Academy Scuola Calcio as they improve their ball control and skills. Players are issued an exclusive Milan Academy soccer kit.

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Musical Theater

Students lift their musical theater skills in this comprehensive course taught by our excellent performing arts team. This course concentrates on high-quality music, dancing, and acting classes that help prepare the students for an original musical experience, crafted for and by them. This one-of-a-kind musical theater program includes a demanding rehearsal schedule and elevates the performers to reach beyond their limits to create a unique summer arts experience.

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Musical Theater

In this one-of-a-kind course, students engage in high-quality acting, singing, and dancing classes, working alongside professional teaching artists. Students who are more interested in the production side of theater may choose to focus on costume design, lighting, sound design, and production design. All students are encouraged to be involved in the final performance at the Summer Arts Festival. 

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Performing Arts

Talented performing arts professionals challenge students’ creativity in singing, dancing, drama, musical theater, percussion, and ukulele! Children prepare an original musical and songs to perform at the Summer Arts Festival.

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Public Speaking & Debate

Do you want to be more at ease when speaking in front of an audience? This course will give you confidence in your ability to speak in public. During this course you will be taught techniques such as clear organization of ideas and counter arguments, tone of speech, body language and eye contact which will enable you to improve your oral skills and become more effective debaters.

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SAT Review

Learn special study methods and test-taking techniques that will help you to achieve positive results on your verbal and mathematical College Board tests. The course will include a comprehensive review of the types of questions found on the exam and strategies for achieving success.

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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

Our STEAM course challenges students through project-based learning meant to boost student inquiry, dialogue, and problem-solving. This course draws upon the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Students learn foundational principles in math and science through design challenges and hands-on activities. This course is taught using a STEAM approach in both morning and afternoon class time. The STEAM course is designed for near-fluent and native English speakers who wish to bolster their critical thinking and communication skills.

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STEM and STEM Junior

STEM - Session 1 & 2, Ages 13-17

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) class integrates concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects in different classes. Students will examine different components that shape their past, present, and future lives in topics such as Electronics & Embedded Systems, Coding & Programming, 3D Modelling, and 3D Design. The course emphasizes practical learning through project-based lessons and units. 

STEM Junior - Sessions 1& 2, Ages 11-13

This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) course is designed to introduce key concepts usually taught as separate subjects for students and align them with everyday life. This is an opportunity for younger students to gain an insight into important topics related to STEM fields. The course will keep students engaged using simulations and hands-on activities. A major part of the course will be allocated to a culminating project. 

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

The MSP STEAM course takes elements of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to inspire and challenge students to think creatively. Hands-on activities and design challenges encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This course solidifies the math and science skills needed for high school, extending to projects using technology and engineering skills through robotics and 3D printing. This course is taught using the STEAM approach and is designed for near-fluent and native English speakers.

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Take a Bow: Performing Arts Alive

Take a Bow is where theatre, dance, and music converge to inspire and engage students to tap into their most creative self. This is a perfect way to express yourself and share your point of view to the world. This course aims to develop your acting technique and confidence on stage using the tools of the acting process. You will be encouraged to explore your expressive abilities as you work on voice, body work, character development, improvisation, and scene design. It's a highly collaborative and creative process calling on the imaginative participation of each member of the cast. Come and join us for a fun summer on the stage! 

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The Author's Workshop

Do you dream of being a bestselling author someday? This course will help you to better understand how to clearly, creatively and logically express your thoughts and ideas in writing. You will discuss and practice different techniques, styles, and genres of writing, and have the opportunity to share your work. 

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TV Production: Time to Shine

Powerful and persuasive, television has the power to change the course of history by its influence on viewers and how it communicates information. In this course, you will learn to produce your own videos using studio recording equipment as well as the programs iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Quicktime. Television production is an exciting, fast-paced field. TV Production: Time to Shine students live the life of a television director, producer, or host for a summer, and get a taste for the adventure that is live production! 

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Voyagers Quest: Storytelling for Young Learners

Voyagers Quest: Storytelling for Young Learners combines literature and geography to lead you to discover your place in the world. You will gain an understanding of global awareness, self identity, and hope while exploring the novel, Walk Two Moons by author and former TASIS England teacher, Sharon Creech. The course will develop your storytelling skills through the use of physical and digital resources. 

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