Community Life

Students are instrumental in contributing to community life. The family-style nature of the Program and the warm Puerto Rican hospitality encourage both friendships and fun. The special rapport between students and staff helps to shape an ideal learning environment both in and out of the classroom as faculty oversee dorm life, chaperone excursions, and run activities.

An orientation session on the first day covers all aspects of the Program, including community expectations, and enables students to adjust quickly to their new surroundings. Students are housed on the attractive TASIS Dorado campus in spacious air-conditioned rooms. As part of the Sabanera gated community, students live in safe, modern, and secure facilities, and are carefully supervised by staff.

Faculty and Students

Teachers in the TASIS Spanish Summer Program are experienced, professional educators with a passion for working with students. They are carefully selected for their teaching qualifications, their experience working in American and international schools, as well as for their enthusiasm and energy for interacting with young people in all aspects of the programs, both academic and extracurricular. While providing challenging academic standards for students, members of faculty also serve as dormitory residents, activity leaders, and chaperones. The success of the Program rests largely on the professionalism of our teachers and counselors and the caring community they create.

The Program attracts students aged 13-18 who are motivated and adventuresome. Their wide range of nationalities creates a dynamic international community and exposes students to a variety of cultures and languages. However, the Program remains small by design to encourage a friendly atmosphere in which each student can contribute and stand out as an individual. A 1:6 staff-student ratio and an average class size of 10 students allows for personalized instruction and individual attention. The positive interaction between students and staff greatly enriches the academic experience and makes for a meaningful and enjoyable summer.