Additional Learning Opportunities

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our EAL course is a truly immersive English language learning experience, as English is the language of instruction and communication program-wide.

Small class sizes and strategic grouping ensure differentiated lessons for our young learners. During morning class time, children learn new academic language and vocabulary, participate in group projects, and engage in field trips that give them the chance to use their language in the real world. In the afternoon, students participate in STEAM Hour with their EAL teacher.

The EAL course is designed for beginner, intermediate, or advanced English language learners who wish to establish or develop their English speaking and listening skills.

English Language Arts (ELA)

Our ELA course is an in-depth study of the English language. During morning class time, students strengthen their English language skills through word study, reading fiction and non-fiction texts, participating in discussions, crafting a variety of writing pieces, and reinforcing their oral language skills by delivering presentations in front of their teachers and peers. In the afternoon, students participate in STEAM Hour with their ELA teacher.

The ELA course is designed for near-fluent or native English speakers who wish to strengthen their English reading and writing skills.


Our French course introduces children to the languages and cultures of French-speaking countries. Learning continues outside the classroom, as students sit together at meals to gain additional speaking practice and attend weekly field trips together. During afternoon class time, students participate in STEAM Hour with their French teacher.


This exciting course challenges students through project-based learning meant to boost student inquiry, dialogue, and problem-solving. This course draws upon the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Students learn foundational principles in math and science through design challenges and hands-on activities. This course is taught using a STEAM approach in both morning and afternoon class time.

The STEAM course is designed for near-fluent and native English speakers who wish to bolster their critical thinking and communication skills.

CDE Robotics


Once a week, students visit the state-of-the-art Campo Science Center for an exciting exposure to the principles of robotics. Each session is designed to help them develop a passion for programming, problem-solving, engineering, and creativity. Working with their peers and teacher, students explore engineering concepts through teamwork, construction, and imagination.


Each student also participates in a weekly science course that provides a hands-on, interactive look at the physical sciences.

Exploration Hour

Each afternoon, the language classes meet for an engaging project-based learning experience that is designed to reinforce language skills and creativity. Favorite activities include poetry, filmmaking, music video production, collaborative art projects, cheesemaking, and cooking.

CDE Creativity

Performing Arts

Our talented Dedicated Performing Arts Team prepares the children to perform an original musical and teaches them singing, dance, drama, musical theater, percussion, and even ukulele! Students showcase all their hard work at the Summer Arts Festival during the final week of each session.

Visual Arts

Special visual art classes allow children to express creativity through a variety of mediums, from painting to photography to ceramics. Projects are displayed at a Visual Arts Exhibition during the final week of each session.

Evening Activities

After dinner, counselors lead the children in activities that focus on teamwork and friendship. Favorite events include a luau and dance, a scavenger hunt across campus, the Ultimate Dance Off, a Harry Potter night, a game of Capture the Flag, and a Carnivale put on by the Middle School Program.

CDE Camping

Weekend Clubs

On Saturdays, boarding students take part in a number of exciting weekend clubs that are designed to teach children new skills in small groups. Recent activities have included paddleboarding, French cooking, landscape watercolor painting, hiking, and puppet-making.