Courses (all students choose one)


English as an Additional Language (EAL)

TSP English courses are structured to improve fluency and confidence in an immersive environment. Lessons are reinforced through daily interactions with friends and counselors.

TSP Language Class

Academic Writing

Students practice the various forms of writing that are expected at quality international schools and universities. Classes focus on structuring and writing narrative, expository, persuasive, and research essays, and students leave with a portfolio of work that will enhance their school applications. This course is limited to students who place in the highest EAL level or are native speakers.

First session only

Intensive French

The TSP French program is focused on providing an accelerated environment for learning the French language and learning about Francophone culture. Students develop speaking, reading, and writing skills and learn about French food, culture, songs, and films. 

Math Skills

This course is ideal for students wishing to brush up on the fundamentals of algebra in advance of precalculus or for students who would like to get a head start on what they will be learning in the fall. The course instructor, an experienced math teacher, will differentiate instruction according to the students' needs.

First session only

International Baccalaureate (IB)® Preparation Course

Students learn about the three core components of the IB program (Theory of Knowledge; the Extended Essay; and Creativity, Activity, Service) and develop their research, presentation, and academic writing skills. The class also discusses how to stay on track in the IB Diploma Programme through realistic goal-setting and time management. Students must have at least an intermediate level of English. 

Second session only

Fine Art Portfolio

This intensive drawing and painting course offers young artists the unique opportunity to learn and practice techniques taught in 19th-century French art academies. The classic approach allows students to enhance both their artistic skills and portfolios and is an excellent option for students preparing to enter art school or for those studying AP or IB Art. Applicants are required to submit a recommendation from an art teacher.

First session only

TSP Fine Art Portfolio

Lean Startup Masterclass

Guided by an experienced teacher and the build-measure-learn feedback loop, students learn the basic principles of the lean startup approach, examine how the digital innovation explosion has rapidly changed the way an entrepreneur must approach starting a new business, identify which skills are most important in this new landscape, and ultimately develop their own ideas into a startup.

First session only

Musical Theater

Students lift their musical theater skills in this comprehensive course taught by our excellent Dedicated Performing Arts Team (DPAT), which features a versatile group of international teaching artists. This course concentrates on high-quality music, dancing and acting classes that help prepare the students for an original musical experience, crafted for and by them. This one-of-a-kind musical theater program includes a demanding rehearsal schedule and elevates the performers to reach beyond their limits to create a unique summer arts experience.

TSP Musical Theater

Digital Photography

Take your photos to the next level! This course is an introduction to the technical and aesthetic properties of digital photography with an emphasis on using a digital camera as a tool for photographic self-expression. Students learn how to process their images with the tools offered in Adobe Creative Cloud, and trips around the region provide opportunities to practice shooting among some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in Europe. 

Architecture & Design

This course introduces students to the disciplines of architecture and design. Classwork includes studying Classical to 19th-Century architecture, sketching from slides, and creating several models that are displayed during the Summer Arts Festival. A required weekend trip takes the class to Basel, Ronchamp, and Weil-am-Rhein to explore the renowned Vitra Museum. This course makes use of a purpose-built architecture studio on campus and is taught by Master Teacher Mark Aeschliman

First session only at an extra cost

Fashion & Textile Design

TSP Fashion

This is an introductory course for students interested in exploring the art of fashion. Students learn the process of creating fashion designs and textiles through fashion illustration, silk painting, block printing, and natural dyeing, and they also study branding, marketing, sustainability, color psychology, and trend anticipation. Class trips include visiting the Ratti Textile Museum in Como, touring the VF International European Headquarters, and taking a fashion industry tour of Milan.

Second session only

La Cucina Italiana

TSP Cooking Class

Learn to cook authentic Italian food! Students choose ingredients at Italian markets, tour Italian cheese and meat factories, practice knife skills, and learn how to perfectly balance spices. They leave with an extensive knowledge of the food culture of Italy—and with a few recipes to use for years to come. 

Second session only


Milan Academy Scuola Calcio

TSP students have the exceptional opportunity to work under coaches from the renowned Milan Academy Scuola Calcio. Students spend three afternoons per week working with professional trainers on their skills. Players are issued an exclusive Milan Academy soccer kit. Participation is at an extra cost.


Milan Academy Scuola Calcio
TSP Milan Academy Scuola Calcio

Olimpia Milano Basketball

The Olimpia Milano Basketball challenges players by focusing on tactical, sophisticated methods of play. Coaches from the Olimpia Milano Basketball Program focus on physical strength and the elements of fitness necessary to improve player confidence and performance. Players are issued an exclusive basketball kit. The club meets twice a week and participation is at an extra cost.

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Get in shape fast with the renowned strength and conditioning program that consists of aerobic exercise, calisthenics, and weightlifting.

TSP Crossfit