Marine Biology & Environmental Studies

Marine Biology & Environmental Science

Drawing on the wealth of natural resources of Puerto Rico and the collaboration with the world renowned Jean-Michael Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment, located at nearby Dorado Beach, TASIS Dorado offers an innovative Marine Biology/Environmental Science program for students ages 12-18. Puerto Rico is home to some of the most fragile and diverse ecosystems on earth, including three of the world’s seven bioluminescent bays, El Yunque, the only tropical rain forest managed by the US National Park Services, and the extensive coral reefs and rich marine life in the Atlantic and the Caribbean sea.

Building on the success of the TASIS Dorado Summer Spanish Program and the increasing interest for environmental studies, the course focuses on the sustainability of the these natural environments and introduces students to the critical ecological issues and the need to preserve and protect our natural world. Through extensive research in the science lab and on field trips, students gain an appreciation for the interdependence of organisms and the critical balance required to preserve their habitats.

A highlight of the program is the opportunity to work closely with experienced local marine biologists and naturalists who are passionate about protecting these complex ecosystems and underwater world. The sustainability of these precious endangered environments are critical to the health of our planet and through hands on experiential learning such as the restoration of coral reefs, students become knowledgeable environmentalists who can make a difference in addressing the challenges that face our natural world.