Conversational Spanish through full immersion and draws on the location of Puerto Rico as a living language laboratory. Daily Spanish classes are mixed with activity periods in art and music as well as Language in Life classes off campus, where students use Spanish in active situations with native speakers. Students are placed at the appropriate level of study based on their previous experience, level of maturity, and by taking a placement exam, which is administered at the beginning of the program.

All summer program courses follow the traditional syllabi of independent American schools. The work is appropriately challenging and developing fluency is the emphasis. More comprehensive course descriptions and syllabi are available upon request and are sent home with the official grade comment at the end of the Program. This information assists the students in being placed at the appropriate Spanish level when they return to their home schools. 

Spanish I

Spanish I is designed for the student with little or no knowledge of the Spanish language. Spanish is the main language of instruction and communication in the classroom. All four language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) are developed simultaneously, although the focus is on conversational Spanish. Students learn vocabulary associated with school, family, and pastimes. Basic grammatical concepts, regular/irregular verb conjugations, and basic tenses (present tense to simple future) are presented. Video programs, films, texts, and frequent excursions support cultural discovery and understanding.

Language requirement: none

Spanish II

Spanish II introduces students to more complex structures and grammar and reinforces beginner level skills. It is designed for the student who has had at least one year or more of Spanish. All language skills are developed, but the emphasis is on spoken Spanish, and students are asked to communicate in Spanish at all times. Topics covered throughout the course include: sports, travel, health, shopping, hobbies, and daily activities. Cultural awareness is enhanced through the study of geography, history, and daily customs of the Hispanic world, as well as through the frequent excursions.

Language requirement: 1+ year of Spanish

Spanish III

Spanish III is for students who already have a firm foundation in Spanish and who are ready to expand their language skills through in-depth study and practice with more complex grammatical structures, acquisition of more extensive vocabulary, and developing greater fluency through constant use of Spanish during classroom discussions on specific themes, and by studying the culture of the host country. The objective of the course is to enable the student to engage in, and to understand, a conversation in Spanish with a high level of comprehension.

Language requirement: 2+ years of Spanish

Spanish IV/V

Spanish IV/V is designed for the more experienced student who is approaching fluency. This course aims to complete the acquisition of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through conversation, oral drills, essay writing, and comprehension exercises. More complex grammatical concepts are also reviewed and refined. The course provides an introduction to Spanish literature, which strengthens linguistic and cultural knowledge by studying Spanish literary texts and by participating in-depth class discussions.

Language requirement: 3+ years of Spanish

Lengua en Vida (for all levels)

Frequent Langage in Life activities encourage students to use Spanish with locals in a everyday situations, both on and off campus. Such activities include visiting a market, ordering typical culinary specialties, engaging in community service projects, visiting museums, and working with local artists or artisans. Classes in art, music, and dance, bring to life the rich artistic heritage and folklore of Puerto Rico.